Loving Your Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk Book Review

downloadI had the privilege of reading a wonderful well written book by Danny Silk called Loving Your Kids on Purpose. This book is my favorite parenting book out there.  If you your parent and you’re anything like me you love your children and would do anything for them but sometimes parenting is all together just too much!  Nothing can prepare you for the ups and downs of being a parent.  One moment everything is going great and the next life is spinning out of control.  The great days are as good as it gets and let’s just say the bad days cannot get any worse.  The days drag on and the years fly by.

I have three wonderful amazing children and I wanted to be a parent my whole life and I had everything under control with my first child but when I second came along it was an entirely different story.  She gave me a run for my money and I just had no idea how to parent her. She has Sensory Processing Disorder which is where her brain cannot process information like other children.   So nothing I did with my first child worked for my second.  I was struggling and needed help.  A friend recommended I read Loving your Kids on Purpose and I am so glad I did.

This book helped me through the hardest season of my life.  I realized through reading this book that we can not control anyone else but ourselves not even our children.  How we react to the bad decisions they make is so important.  I realized it is not obedience I want from my children it’s relationship and out of a healthy relationships will come children that can think for themselves and make good decisions because they want to not because they fear discipline.  I want my children to love me on purpose back not fear me.  So much of today’s discipline towards children is fear based.

This book gave me so many great ideas on what to do when my kids of all ages are throwing a fit because we all know the fits don’t stop after two they just change and get more sophisticated.  Even adults throw fits.  It’s important as an adult to not let your circumstance or the people around you change you.  You are responsible for your own actions.  Just because your child is having a rough day doesn’t justify you having bad behavior. Even if your child has a lot of rough days due to Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD, etc.  We as adults make our own decisions and we need to first work on ourselves so we can be good models for our children.

Take time to read this incredible book.  It will make a great companion to your NIV Bible during your quiet time.  Let the Lord speak to you through it.  The author Danny Silk is the pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, CA and does such an amazing job giving us a whole new christian perspective on parenting.  You won’t be disappointed with this book.  Let the Lord change you through it. The book contains great questions at the end of each chapter and makes great small group or bible study material.  

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