Reasons to Read


  1.  Enjoyment – Reading is a great way to have some down time and give yourself a break from the chaos and busyness of life. You don’t need a reason to pick up a book and it doesn’t have to be on any given subject. It can just be for fun. Reading for pleasure is a lost art nowadays. We as a society are busier and busier than ever and we want convenient things. We forget to take time for ourselves and to give ourselves breaks. Reading can be a way to relieve stress and give
    yourself a necessary break from the day.
  2. Learning – From how to write a computer code to what to plant in your garden, you can find it in the book. With the Internet we like to just Google everything but when we do that we are only getting bits and pieces of what we need. We forget about our local library and the shelves and shelves of books on every subject.
  3. Showing our children – If we are readers our children will be readers. If they don’t see us reading they won’t want to read. It is important to read at least 30 minutes with your children every night. We can’t expect them to do something when your not willing to do with them and it is important for their vocabulary to learn from us and not just read on their own.
  4. It increases our vocabulary – The more we read the smarter we get. Have you ever met someone with an extensive vocabulary. It’s more than likely they are readers. Reading increases your vocabulary. It is important for young kids to read and be read to so that they grow in their vocabulary.
  5. Travel activity – Listening to books on tape in the car can be a great road trip activity for you and your children. Especially for kids who are obsessed with video games. This can be a good break from other types of technology and can be a bonding experience.

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