Review on The Longing in Me Bible Study Workbook and Book by Sheila Walsh

download-1A bible study workbook can be a great way to study the bible by yourself or with friends.  I attend a church bible study group that has been consistent for over 30 years and the format is great.  Everyone is at separate tables with five to ten women that they enjoy conversing and spending time with.  There is a chat up time and plenty of time to discuss the homework from the study and then all the women gather for the video that goes along with the study. This last study we did was the Longing in Me by Sheila Walsh.

This is a six week study and highly recommend it.  The study takes you through the life of David and there was so many things she pointed out that I had not thought about. The study allows you to dig deep into your own life and explore what the Lord is doing in you.  We all have longings and it is hard in this crazy world to only long for the Lord.  We get so caught up in our past or our future we don’t live in the moment.

I have always struggled with being discontent no matter what and it is so easy for me to base my happiest on worldly things or people.  I always think if I only had that then I would truly be happy and then I get it and I move on to the next thing.  We all long to be happy and we all feel empty at times or distant from the Lord.  The beauty of David’s story is God’s Grace.  This study and book helped me see the Grace of God in a new light and that I need to be walking in his Grace like it is oxygen to my lungs. The more of his Grace I consume the more content I will be.

I love that is study and book as the weekly homework along with it. I highly recommend getting this book and workbook and using it alongside your study bibles to get the most out of your time with the Lord. This workbook is divided up into six different sessions that all have homework with them. The homework helped me focus on different aspects of longing all week along and really helped me understand some of the point made in the video. My bible study table is made up of women from all walks of life and backgrounds and this study is relevant to all of them.  I am so glad I found this study and took the time to do it.  You will so enjoy it.

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